Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our newest Call for Artists! Thanks Everybody!

We are now looking for artists for the Wyandotte Street Art Fair! We are looking for forward thinking artists and crafters. Our goal is to funk up one of the largest and oldest art fairs in the state of Michigan!
Continuing in the spirit of both River's Edge Gallery and Biddle Gallery (two of the longest standing for profit art galleries in Michigan), the purpose of the 'dotte Arts Project, the 'dAP, is to help make Wyandotte a venue for the arts of metro-Detroit. We have artists from all over but our focus is on metro-Detroit. Some of these artists are self taught and others are graduates of our local art schools and community colleges. Please enjoy everything the 'dAP area has to offer including photography, jewelry, painting, sculpture, pottery, printmaking, film making, craft making and more.
Each year the 'dAP pushes the envelope with the artists shown, artist installations and the music performed. We intend to reach deeper and deeper into our communities to reach the art that is not only awesome but relevant to all of us.
Jeremy E. Hansen and Aimee Rodriguez, Co-Chairs of the 'dAP, take seriously their committment to emerging arts year after year. "Detroit and its' surrounding communities are often ignored on the list of art happenings on the national map," says Rodriguez," but the truth of the matter is that ours is a community of artists that is just as talented as all the rest. The best way to prove it is to show it and that's what we want to accomplish. The more art happenings we have the more art ready the public becomes and the more artsy the area becomes to the national stage!"
The 'dAP not only shows during the Wyandotte Street Art Fair they have also branched to additional shows throughout the year in galleries and other places throughout metro-Detroit. This is done to spread the good word about Wyandotte and all of Downriver. Keep an eye out for them! "I have grown up all my life Downriver and love it," says Rodriguez,"we have a primarily hard working blue collar community. Some view that as something bad for reasons beyond my understanding. Some think we are devoid of creativity, this is simply incorrect. Our arts community is just as vibrant and encouraging as all the others!"
Many of the children of these blue collar workers are attending art schools such as Wayne County Community College, Henry Ford Community College, Wayne State University and College for Creative Studies! Each of these colleges and universities specializes in a vibrant arts program. These are the artists that make up a large part of the 'dAP. The 'dAP is for artists who are working towards an art career. It's not for people who travel the country year round hopping from one art fair to another to make their living. These are people who are staying in this community and want to support their local art community just as much as they need the support from their community.

I had an awesome time and was so thankful to all of the artists who were putting themselves out there for us. We really appreciated it. The art was awesome too! I did not see one person selling one thing that was cheap or crappy and that is a testament to the talent I see out of each of you. When I was working at the silent auction table the people in the Pike Room were asking about all the work. The people who came there to just see the bands were bidding. The caliber of the work offered was so great for such a tiny venue. Since everyone gave me their info in advance I was able to spread the good word. I got to speak about each of you. But as always there is always at least one person who asked if I made all of it. HAHA! I giggled as I always do and told him about you all in the Ballroom. He ended up winning a bid and buying some stuff as well. He was so proud of his purchase and said he never saw anything like what we did before!Thanks for all the donated items too! They were amazing and everyone who came by it was extremely complimentary about it. Dan McGowan of The Crofoot was so impressed by the work displayed! He was so proud to have each of you there. He also hopes that the music going on downstairs last night will not deter you from doing another event that won't house a dance party down on the first floor!Each of you brought your lamps and I was so thrilled once everything was set up how ambient it all was. You guys did such an amazing job with your preperation and also the flexibility of each of you in that space. I cannot say enough how impressed I was! I love that some of you used the window sills and the bar and the chairs. Great show!
The music was beyond awesome! Tone & Niche started out the show and were totally amazing. Frontier Ruckus was just so phenomenal and Misty Lyn and The Big Beautiful closed out the show most sweetly. Look for these bands to be at our Summer Festival! DJ Bouget brought on the funk look for her at some of the openings at River's Edge Gallery!
And now that you all are thinking about what festivals you are going to be in please keep the 'dAP part of the Wyandotte Street Art Fair (July 8th-11th) in mind. The application is on It is one of the biggest art fairs in the state of Michigan! We are so fortunate to get a space to share with artists and crafters of our choosing to showcase art from around here, amidst a backdrop of national art fair artists. Thanks for being a part of it all!

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