Monday, June 30, 2008

Our festival is full now! Here is the line up!

We are pleased to announce our line-up of bands and musicians for our 08' 'dAP festival stage during the Wyandotte Street Art Fair. Many of these bands are considered best of by local independent weeklies such as the Metrotimes and Real Detroit, others have won Detroit Music Awards and others are newbies looking for a new venue to show their stuff. Come check it out July 9th-12th during the Wyandotte Street Art Fair on First Street between Maple and Elm.
Wednesday, July 9th
4pm-5pm- The Handgrenades: The Handgrenades are a four-piece indie rock band from Detroit, MI. Highly influenced by the British Invasion era, Andrew Pawelski, Tom Pawelski, Sam Vick, and Nick Chevillet have developed a refreshing sound that is all their own. Featuring three-part harmonies and catchy pop melodies, they are a rare gem in the Detroit music scene.

6pm-7pm- Ryan Dillaha & the Delmatics:
A folk pop trio that finds their influences among the deep resevoir ofAmerican soul music, the Delmatics came together at a local wateringhole south of Detroit Michigan. Long nights of long necks and pintsturned into after hours jam sessions long before they hit the stage.Anchored by songwriter and guitarist Ryan Dillaha, the Delmatics arecomprised of the tight rhythm section of brothers Joshua and Mike Boydon bass and drums respectively as well as the soulful and soaringharmonica and vocals of Tim Rios whose reputation as a harp player isonly superceded by his reputation as a bartender. Ryan Dillaha and theDelmatics have begun to develop a reputation for their energetic liveshows. The fun they have on stage is as infectious as their melodies.
7:30pm-9pm Subourbon Son: Subourbon Son is a one man band exploration, exploitation. and celebration of primal rock, blues, and rockabilly music.

Thursday, July 10th
4pm-5:30pm Tin Scribble:
Led by guitarist/vocalist Michael Moore, Tin Scribble take musical paths not traveled by many, but well worth the journey. With music reminiscent of prog legends like Hawkwind, Gong, King Crimson and Van Der Graaf Genrator, Tin Scribble is a force on the progressive rock front to be dealt with. Along with the live re-recording of the band's debut CD, Tin Scribble are fervently working on their follow-up studio album, tentatively titled The Most Unaccountable Of Machines. The band hope to have the album completed for release in late 2008.
6pm-7pm The Pomegranates: Pomegranates began in the young minds of Jacob Merritt and Isaac Karns. With a mutual desire to make music, the two began penning songs. Immediately they felt this new project was heading places, so they solicited the help of Joey Cook, and the three got down to business. Their initial practice session gave shape to what would later become their first song, "Nursery Magic". Poms were official. June of 2007 saw the release of their well received debut EP 'Two Eyes'. Their full length, 'Everything is Alive', was released in May of 2008. Pomegranates continues to write music and share it with whoever lends an ear.
7:30-9pm Manna & Quail: Eclectic pop with folk progressions. Manna and Quail flowed into the Detroit music scene like a waterbed on wheels. Their futuristic sound often reminds one of a deep-sea adventure or of blissfully dancing on the sun. The humans that makes up Manna and Quail thoroughly enjoy bringing you their omni-directional musical delight.

Friday, July 11th
Noon-1pm: Ryan Dillaha:
Ryan Dillaha's music finds equal measures of influence from thefinger-picking troubadors of the country folk music tradition of Texasand Tennessee as from the soul stirring singers of Motown and Staxrecords. His shows move seamlessly from covers of Smokey Robinson orSam Cooke to songs by Steve Earle or Hank Williams, and his originalsthat comprise the majority of any given performance seem to negotiatethe waters between these traditions. Born and raised in DownriverDetroit, Ryan honed his songwriting craft during a decade long stint ata local steel mill. He is currently polishing his songcraft whilestudying for a PhD in literature. Cleveland songwriter Matt Harmon hassaid of his songs: "Ryan's songs are unfiltered, leaving specks andclumps of real world grit floating amongst otherwise romanticsensibilities. You'll want to drink this shit through a crazy straw!"

1:30pm-3pm: Ghost of Scott Slotnik-The Ghost Of Scott Slotnick is a Indie, Acoustic band that originated from the problems in the world and in Scott Slotnicks life. With lyrics so profound that you would expect them to come from a more seasoned songwriter, Scott at the age of 19 has found a way to paint a vivid portrait of his life through his lyrics. The Ghost Of Scott Slotnick sounds like bands: Bright Eyes, Kevin Devine, The Good Life, and Neil Young.

3:30pm-4:30pm Deastro: Randolph Chabot Jr. started to make electronic music when he was 13 at his home in Sterling Heights, MI. He finished his first album that year despite the ecstatic, aural trauma it caused his mother. He studied youth development in college with the intent of becoming a social worker, dropping out to pursue music full time. He formed an electro band called Veleciraptor, which inspired the ideas for his current synthesized projects: Our Brother the Megazord and Deastro, which try to blur the lines between electronic and acoustic music. All the music is made in Randolph's basement with the help of alot of sampled children's toys and synthesizers. Deastro's "the Young Planets" and Our Brother the Megazord's "Time the Teenage Twister" are set to be released as a 34 song double disc in July of 2007. He is currently working on songs for his acoustic project Jr. Jr. and the new Deastro album entitled "Dark Diamond."

5pm-6pm Friends of Dennis Wilson: Psychedelic sounds are for those of us consumed with the search for the freakish subtext of existence; skewing in all too boring reality … something Friends of Dennis Wilson (looking forward to a late winter tour and the release of their second album) know much about.Grand, reverberated bliss and surf-flared hallucino-drone guitar crunches are just par for the course for an FODW set (also featuring Tim Donesia, California Chris, Charlie Monsoon and Adam T). They really set a trance, wafting a dark energy and coaxing a soothing feedback roar from their amps, with wavering tones and disorienting delay pedals. All the while, this lanky dude with a mic grasped like a scepter floats around with his knees flexed out, ready to pounce, as the song whirs on.- Jeff Milo, Real Detroit Weekly

6:30-7:30pm Big Black Cloud: Intricate weaving of rock with a crescendo of layers of melodies.

"Big Black Cloud is a local quartet operating out of the Woodbridge community who run their own label, God Sags His Pants: strong on earnest passion and DIY sensibilities.Deceptively, each song has structure, and set measures and discernable blueprints, which is probably why, when you lose yourself four minutes into "Merriweather" in the torrent of guitar pirouettes, it's all the more mystifying. Their first written song, "Firehouse," is the stand-out shorty at three minutes, featuring swift, fierce percussions, wavy bass grooves and errant, spindly guitar work. Their approach is unconventional, but anything they do — immeasurably drawn out crescendos, sparse lyrics, slow builds — sounds beautifully here, speaking commendably of the recording effort."— Jeff Milo, Real Detroit Weekly
8-9pm Noman: Punk indie trio, Noman, began in June of 2007. Driven by acoustic and electric guitars (Andrew Beer & Rob Budai) and drums (Shayne O’ Keefe), the band just recently added a bassist Robert Piazza. The band draws influences from the nineties punk scene… think Hot Water Music, Fugazi, Avail and Against Me.
"...a covertly acoustic-fronted, bass-free, emo and garage/punk-informed power trio rock with pleasantly proficient harmonies. " ...........Real Detroit -Keith N. Dusenberry.

Saturday, July 12th
Noon – 1:30: 1592
Consisting of musicians from surrounding musical scenes, this group is driven to impact the reggae world with their in depth look at the original music
2pm-3:30pm The Wallclocks : Incredible generation of simple harmonic motion
4pm-5pm Hiding in Thailand: "Summer Scenes and Punk Rock Dreams" is a phrase that best describes the sound of this modern rock band from just-south of Detroit.
6pm-7:30pm Stare into the Sun frenetic post-indie rock with a hard flaying of drums and guitar chords.

7:30pm- 9pmSantos Madrigal & the Band of Demons (featuring HIME) - Santos Madrigal is a guitarist of diversity, a songster of the simple things in life and an entertainer of goofball proportions. He has been a part of the Detroit music scene since 2001. Expect a little funk, a little Spanish, a little rap and more with this set