Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Artists List for 08'

The 'dAP festival of 08' is jam packed with over 40 artists of all mediums including painting, sculpture, printmaking, film making, writing, stained glass, metal smithing, illustrating, fashion design, pottery and jewelry design. We are proud to offer artists the discounted space during the second largest art fair in Michigan, the Wyandotte Street Art Fair. In the first year since our first festival many of our past artists have gone onto show in galleries and feature events across metro-Detroit. Erin Suess, who was in our tent last year, won an award and space in the Wyandotte Street Art Fair for this year.
The 'dAP hopes to continue in this spirit of artist promotion this year but in the mean time check them out!
The ‘dAP Artist List 08’
ARTarea51- artist group based out of Wayne County Community College. Be sure to check out The Whorl, an interactive artist installation.
Kevin Beehner- pen and ink drawings with watercolor, surrealist
Beth Breidenstein- Spiral G Clothing- clothing made from organic materials
Lindsey Brooks- functional metal work, hand bent creations
Dallas Carlson- wildlife photography
Lisa Cesario- mixed media collage using a mix of textiles, photography and painting
Michael Chabot-painting, pen and ink drawing, print making, sculpture
College for Creative Studies- featuring Urban Butterfly Collection
Elizabeth Davis- painter, cartoonist and caricature artist
Heather Fagan- Birch Bark Jewelry, stained glass
Henry Ford Community College- group of students creating pottery attending ceramics at HFCC
Ryan G. Hill- painting and illustration
Kim Hildebrandt- sculpture, glass & wine wind chimes. Also textile work and some pottery
Dan Jones- self published novelist and film maker
Kali Koslowsky- caricatures and illustrations
Erin Kruczek-painting
John Malan-sterling silver jewelry
Kelly Mitchell-hand thrown porcelain ceramic wares
Rosemary Nicholson-abstract geometric design in black and white
Carly & Megan Patterson- photography
Audrey Pongracz- painter, fashion designer, dolls, accessory design.
Jennifer Amanda Proescher- jewelry and ceramics
Jennifer Quigley- painting and hand stitched items
Serena Saldava- watercolor, ink, colored pencil etc
Anita Smith- jewelry
Cheri & Robert Taylor- poetry and jewelry making
Sacha Thebolt- graphite drawings, jewelry and hand embellished clothing and accessories.
Michael Woods- Detroit cityscape photography