Monday, July 27, 2009

Awesome coverage by Single Barrel Detroit of the 'dAP Summer Festival!

This is per Travis Wright and Single Barrel Detroit!

Post festival wrap up, 'dAP 3rd Annual Summer Festival!

So what happened exactly?!
This year’s ‘dotte Arts Project Third Annual Summer Festival was well received by artists, musicians and patrons alike. Four days of fun in the sun on the old theatre lot on First and Elm.
“This was the first year at this location,” says Aimee Rodriguez, co-chair of the ‘dAP, “which always creates new strengths and weaknesses in the layout. Overall we felt as though our visibility with the main fair was much better this year. "

To start with right on the corner there was a huge 15 foot tall sculpture by Mark Bommarito made of gas station signs which shouted to passersby, "We're here!" The sculpture was a welded, contemporary art sculpture crowned by a pump nozzle that tempted fate and defied destruction when an apocolyptic thunderstorm hit on Saturday morning.
Throughout the week there was live painting by Jeremy E. Hansen, he started his mural Wednesday night and continued through the rest of the festival inviting artists and patrons alike to partake in it’s creation.
Dennis Jacobs was on site on Friday and Saturday showing his skills of collage and stencil painting. On Friday he painting a huge mural which took the entire day but drew crowds of people to enjoy and learn the way he makes his paintings.
There was a full schedule of music with a last minute change on Friday from Manna & Quail to The Silent Years. This was the first time The Silent Years played for Downriver and they were well received by young and old alike. The Silent Years finished off the set with sparklers, super fantastical! Charlie Slick tossed the glitter & bubbles and spread the love of Wyandotte and Michigan on the ole theatre lot!

Dan Miller showed off not only his fine dressing ability but his cool calm country crooner skills on Saturday night to close out the show with almost all the members of Blanche. “People came up to me throughout the entire set asking me how we got them and I referred to The Crofoot but also to Dan Miller’s desire to support the arts and emerging arts.” What an honor!
All of the power for the stage was provided by the sun and wind via a truck with solar panels and wind turbine from Cresit Energy of Wyandotte.
The grass lot was full with over 30 artists selling their wares with everything including painting, pottery, jewelry, mixed media and more.
BMX Stunt Show featured at first only a handful of stunt riders but as the show and the weekend progressed more of Ron Thomas’s friends joined him to join the cause of raising money and awareness of the scholarship that Rise Above Entertainment is offering BMXers and Skateboarders, the first of it’s kind anywhere. People came from all over to see these guys do some amazing things!
The Roosevelt High School Art Club were throwing paint at t-shirts to raise funds for their program. The shirts were provided by .
We had such a great time and hope to spread the joy and art of the ‘dotte Arts Project for years to come!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Super Stellar Summer Festival Line UP!

Music Schedule 09 the ‘dotte Arts Project Summer Festival!
Wednesday: July 8th

5pm As of Now
6pm The Set Up
7pm Santos
8pm Hiding in Thailand

Thursday: July 9th
5pm Handgrenades
6pm Jura
7PM Howard Glazer
8PM Dune Buggy Attack Battalion

Friday: July 10th
8-8:45 Manna & Quail

7-7:45 Daniel Zott

6- 6:45 Silver Ghost
5-5:45 milieu

4- 4:45 Charlie Slick

3- 3:45 Port to Port

2- 2:45 Oscillating Fan Club

1- 1:45 Back to the River, Back to the Forest

Saturday: July 11th
8-8:45 Dan Miller (of Blanche and Goober & The Peas)

7- 7:45 Frontier Ruckus
6 6:45 Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful

5- 5:45 Tone and Niche
4- 4:45 Charlene Kaye

3: 3:45 This Is My Suitcase

2: 2:45 Scarlet Oaks
1: 1:45 Petal Shop

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why the heck should you go to Wyandotte?
The ‘dotte Arts Project presents its third annual summer festival July 8th-11th.
The ‘dotte Arts Project, the ‘dAP, is cooking up another stellar festival of emerging arts and art demonstrations during the Wyandotte Street Art Fair, July 8th- 11th. The festival will be on the old theatre lot at First and Elm.
The City of Wyandotte provides its own power, has an extensive recycling program and is soon to be home to four windmills. To continue in the self-sustainable spirit of Wyandotte our music stage is solar powered for the second year! Equipment provided courtesy of Cresit Energy of Wyandotte. Last year the ‘dAP stage was run completely by solar power which saved not only energy but the city thousands of dollars in money for electricity to run the music stage. The batteries ran on stored power one of the days which was stormy and overcast for most of the day. The ‘dAP is honored to showcase such a forward thinking company with products that work so well! For more information go to

Live art demonstrations including some great works such as a huge mural by a myriad of artists. The Henry Ford Pottery and Ceramics club will be throwing pots and making other ceramic objects during the festival. Children will be invited to make shirts on site too!
Mark Bommarito sculpts with found objects and the objects he found for this outdoor sculpture are gas station signs. He created it as a social commentary about our oil appetite and what it’s doing to our foreign relations. It’s going to be 15 feet tall!
The City of Wyandotte provides its own power, has an extensive recycling program and is soon to be home to four windmills. To continue in the self-sustainable spirit of Wyandotte our music stage is solar powered for the second year! Equipment provided courtesy of Cresit Energy of Wyandotte. Last year the ‘dAP stage was run completely by solar power which saved not only energy but the city thousands of dollars in money for electricity to run the music stage. The batteries ran on stored power one of the days which was stormy for most of the day. The ‘dAP is honored to showcase such a forward thinking company with products that work so well!

The Roosevelt High School Art Club, Alumni and Tawnya Au, the art teacher in charge of it all, will be working with kids of all ages to paint t-shirts. Part of the proceeds for this will go to help the arts at Roosevelt High School. “It really makes us happy to do this”, says Jeremy E. Hansen, co-chair of the ‘dAP, “because it melds with our mission to promote and proliferate the arts of Wyandotte.” Robert Stanzler is a man who supports the arts and is doing it in a big way by donating all the shirts and the silk screening of the design on them. He is the person in charge of .
Friday and Saturday there will be a full schedule of stunt bike riding by Ron Thomas. Ron Thomas attended Roosevelt High School is now a professional BMX stunt rider and owns Rise Above Entertainment. Thomas will be performing on Friday and Saturday at 1pm, 5pm and 8pm in the ‘dAP area.
The best part of the festival are the over 30 emerging artists selling their wares. This is the highlight and purpose of our festival to promote emerging artists. Many of these artists are beginning their art careers and some of them are on the cusp of hitting the scene in a major way. The work varies from low brow to traditional with a mixture of jewelry and some funky craft making in between.
“We strive to embrace the arts at all levels,” says Aimee Rodriguez, co-chair of the ‘dAP, “One of the best ways to ensure that art continues in any community is to sell their work especially the work of artists who are just now trying to figure out what they want to do.”
The music stage is going to feature some of the best local acts that metro-Detroit has to offer. The headlining performance will be Dan Miller (of Blanche and Goober in the Peas). Some other great highlights include Silver Ghost a side project of ex- guitarist and vocalist of the Von Bondies, Marcie Bolen. Also included are some acts more local to Downriver including Hiding in Thailand, Dune Buggy Attack Battalion and Jura.
The music line up varies with the Friday line up being that of a more rockin’ nature and Saturday will feature a indie, folk, bluegrass feel. The Friday and Saturday line ups were set up by The Crofoot which is working with the ‘dAP on many projects to come. Go to .
2009 is the first year the ‘dAP is going to have an artist create the t-shirt design. We are proud to announce that the first design will be created by Audrey Pongracz. Pongracz is on fire this year being voted Best Local Artist by Real Detroit Weekly and she was also elected one of Six Artists to Watch Under 30 by the Metrotimes. Pongracz started her art gallery career at River’s Edge Gallery in Wyandotte. She continues to show at River’s Edge Gallery and at 323 East of Royal Oak.
Pongracz has shown with the ‘dAP since its inception in 2007. She is extremely supportive of the ‘dAP and the ‘dAP mission to promote emerging artists.
We are honored to feature her design this year. The squid is a cephalopod that inks to protect itself from predators which is similar to what many artists do when they paint or create. The image created features a squid is hugging the ‘dAP as a submarine. We hope artists continue to embrace the ‘dAP because we certainly embrace and want to help them!

This year the ‘dAP will prove to top its first two years with vim and vigor July 8th-11th at the corner of Elm and First in downtown Wyandotte during the Wyandotte Street Art Fair.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009 t-shirt design by Audrey Pongracz

2009 is the first year the ‘dAP is going to have an artist create the t-shirt design. We are proud to announce that the first design will be created by Audrey Pongracz. Pongracz is on fire this year being voted Best Local Artist by Real Detroit Weekly and she was also elected one of Six Artists to Watch Under 30 by the Metrotimes. Pongracz started her art gallery career at River’s Edge Gallery in Wyandotte. She continues to show at River’s Edge Gallery and at 323 East of Royal Oak.
Pongracz has shown with the ‘dAP since its inception in 2007. She is extremely supportive of the ‘dAP and the ‘dAP mission to promote emerging artists.
We are honored to feature her design this year. The squid is a cephalopod that inks to protect itself from predators which is similar to what many artists do when they paint or create. The image created features a squid is hugging the ‘dAP as a submarine. We hope artists continue to embrace the ‘dAP because we certainly embrace and want to help them!
Thank you Audrey the design is beautiful!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Deadline Extension and Festival News!

The deadline for artist application has come and gone but we are still allowing artists to apply. The location for the summer festival (July 8th-11th) is going to be on the old theatre lot this year between Oak and Elm and on First Street. We have just about filled up our big tents but have tons of room to take up the huge lot.
We have some really great things cooking up to help the festival be as awesome as possible. This year the music absolutely rules so far we have confirmed The Scarlet Oaks, Silver Ghost, milieu, Charlene Kaye and Frontier Ruckus! We're awaiting the arrival of other contracts and once those come in I'll let all of you know. One thing I can say for sure is that these line ups are not to be missed!
Our t-shirt this year won't be just the 'dAP logo but an artist design by an artist handpicked by Jeremy and Aimee. Our choice for the first artist to design the shirt is Audrey Pongracz! Pongracz was recently in the cover story of the Metrotimes that honored their pics for one of six artists to watch under 30 years old! YAY Audrey. We are really excited to get her back every year, she's been with us since the beginning! So it's only fitting that she be the first artist featured.
I'll post pics of the designs once I get them!
More updates to come!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our newest Call for Artists! Thanks Everybody!

We are now looking for artists for the Wyandotte Street Art Fair! We are looking for forward thinking artists and crafters. Our goal is to funk up one of the largest and oldest art fairs in the state of Michigan!
Continuing in the spirit of both River's Edge Gallery and Biddle Gallery (two of the longest standing for profit art galleries in Michigan), the purpose of the 'dotte Arts Project, the 'dAP, is to help make Wyandotte a venue for the arts of metro-Detroit. We have artists from all over but our focus is on metro-Detroit. Some of these artists are self taught and others are graduates of our local art schools and community colleges. Please enjoy everything the 'dAP area has to offer including photography, jewelry, painting, sculpture, pottery, printmaking, film making, craft making and more.
Each year the 'dAP pushes the envelope with the artists shown, artist installations and the music performed. We intend to reach deeper and deeper into our communities to reach the art that is not only awesome but relevant to all of us.
Jeremy E. Hansen and Aimee Rodriguez, Co-Chairs of the 'dAP, take seriously their committment to emerging arts year after year. "Detroit and its' surrounding communities are often ignored on the list of art happenings on the national map," says Rodriguez," but the truth of the matter is that ours is a community of artists that is just as talented as all the rest. The best way to prove it is to show it and that's what we want to accomplish. The more art happenings we have the more art ready the public becomes and the more artsy the area becomes to the national stage!"
The 'dAP not only shows during the Wyandotte Street Art Fair they have also branched to additional shows throughout the year in galleries and other places throughout metro-Detroit. This is done to spread the good word about Wyandotte and all of Downriver. Keep an eye out for them! "I have grown up all my life Downriver and love it," says Rodriguez,"we have a primarily hard working blue collar community. Some view that as something bad for reasons beyond my understanding. Some think we are devoid of creativity, this is simply incorrect. Our arts community is just as vibrant and encouraging as all the others!"
Many of the children of these blue collar workers are attending art schools such as Wayne County Community College, Henry Ford Community College, Wayne State University and College for Creative Studies! Each of these colleges and universities specializes in a vibrant arts program. These are the artists that make up a large part of the 'dAP. The 'dAP is for artists who are working towards an art career. It's not for people who travel the country year round hopping from one art fair to another to make their living. These are people who are staying in this community and want to support their local art community just as much as they need the support from their community.

I had an awesome time and was so thankful to all of the artists who were putting themselves out there for us. We really appreciated it. The art was awesome too! I did not see one person selling one thing that was cheap or crappy and that is a testament to the talent I see out of each of you. When I was working at the silent auction table the people in the Pike Room were asking about all the work. The people who came there to just see the bands were bidding. The caliber of the work offered was so great for such a tiny venue. Since everyone gave me their info in advance I was able to spread the good word. I got to speak about each of you. But as always there is always at least one person who asked if I made all of it. HAHA! I giggled as I always do and told him about you all in the Ballroom. He ended up winning a bid and buying some stuff as well. He was so proud of his purchase and said he never saw anything like what we did before!Thanks for all the donated items too! They were amazing and everyone who came by it was extremely complimentary about it. Dan McGowan of The Crofoot was so impressed by the work displayed! He was so proud to have each of you there. He also hopes that the music going on downstairs last night will not deter you from doing another event that won't house a dance party down on the first floor!Each of you brought your lamps and I was so thrilled once everything was set up how ambient it all was. You guys did such an amazing job with your preperation and also the flexibility of each of you in that space. I cannot say enough how impressed I was! I love that some of you used the window sills and the bar and the chairs. Great show!
The music was beyond awesome! Tone & Niche started out the show and were totally amazing. Frontier Ruckus was just so phenomenal and Misty Lyn and The Big Beautiful closed out the show most sweetly. Look for these bands to be at our Summer Festival! DJ Bouget brought on the funk look for her at some of the openings at River's Edge Gallery!
And now that you all are thinking about what festivals you are going to be in please keep the 'dAP part of the Wyandotte Street Art Fair (July 8th-11th) in mind. The application is on It is one of the biggest art fairs in the state of Michigan! We are so fortunate to get a space to share with artists and crafters of our choosing to showcase art from around here, amidst a backdrop of national art fair artists. Thanks for being a part of it all!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More artists and who gave us a shout out this week!

The fundraiser is the day after tomorrow. This is super exciting. It's going to be a blast not to mention I can't wait to hear all the bands Misty Lyn and The Big Beautiful, Frontier Ruckus and Tone & Niche! My favorite DJ Bouget will be spinning the funk, I know I am an organizer but it's going to be a tough time getting me away from her booth. SO if you need to find me I will probably be getting my funk on with her!
Let's see we've gotten a kind response from the press too! Thank you Real Detroit, Motorcityblog, The News Herald and to all the artists who promoted themselves and this event. There are still flyers available at River's Edge Gallery and at Cass Cafe!
Anyway here is a few artists we are featuring!

Terry Walsh
Nature and my Cherokee heritage play a big part in the creation of my art. I work in many forms, drawing, painting, weaving, sculpture.
The purses you see here,some are hand~dyed, a process called IKAT. They are 100% wool and handwoven. The purse with the canyon images is inspired by my beloved Moab, Utah. The last purse, is made from scraps of material.
Originally , from Kentucky, the times I spent outside as a child gave me the greatest pleasure. I call my art 'expressionistic realism'. My creations are driven by high emotional responses to occurences in life. The deeper I feel about something, the more powerful my art forms are.
I also enjoy the feel of material and have a passion for creating one of a kind pillows. My maternal grandmother was an avid quilter.
I attended the University of Cincinnati and transferred to the University of Toledo. I received my Bachelor of Art with art as my area in 1992, and obtained my Multi~Age Licensure in Teaching Art in 2002. I was artist~in ~residence at the River Raisin for the Arts for one year. I taught painting , drawing and a portfolio class at Monroe High School, Michigan for 5 years.
April/May of 2008, I showed my work at Mondo's in Moab, Utah for 6 weeks. Two paintings and a bronze/limestone piece was shown at The Cat's Lair Gallery for an additional 6 months. I have shown extensively in Toledo, Ohio and had a one person show at Tillman Gallery. Most recently I placed 1st in the pastel division at the Bedford Art Exhibit, Michigan.
I believe there is a spiritual thread that runs thru all, water, rock, the Earth, the four~leggeds, the birds, people. It is my greatest desire to stay positive and keep my link of that chain strong. All life is good, and we are blessed.

Next up we have Shawn Young of Shionne Designs

Shionne Designs is owned and operated by native Detroiter Vershion D. Young. Since its inception in May 1996, Vershion has created one of a kind designs in beaded and metal wearable art for a national clientele. With no formal education in jewelry design, her creations have captured the attention of jewelry fashionistas and local retailers who are searching for unique designs in our "cookie cutter" world. Currently, her works can be found at the Detroit Institute of Arts gift shop and the Ann Arbor Art Center gift gallery. As a "one woman" operation, Vershion designs daily and is working on new techniques to bring forth new inspirations in wearable art for women and men. When Vershion isn't beading something, she's the loving wife of John Young and a doggy mom of two, Jazzmin and Rameses.

We also have artist/ jewelry maker Casey Jankowski--Norma Nothings! (I love her artist statement--a good sense of humor is the best!)Casey Janowski-The do-gooder, art teacher, preschooler's best friend, painter and crafter. Art taught me I could go places when I was in 3rd grade and I won first place in a Rice-a-Roni contest and a trip to Disneyland. Maybe that was my biggest art accomplishment, maybe it wasn't.I studied art in college where I painted until 4 am on most nights. Receiving my art degree, I am not that starving artist that I always dreamed to be, thank you bills, but I still have fun. I have done a lot of my “serious” art in the past, when you are in that troubled teen and early twenties, party stage. Everything is so dramatic and deep. That has taken a back seat because life is good. It's a new phase.My norma. collection has been my first consistent “series”, if you will. It all began playing Detroit Roller Derby in 2006 where I acquired the nickname “norma”. I met a lot of crafty ladies through there and got the urge to start making little stuff. From there I was brought an old vintage Montgomery Ward's catalog from the 40's for a craft night and VIOLA, norma. was born.Back in August of 2008, I made a little keychain with a camera for my better half and from there it was non-stop. I took a leap and entered the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale where to my surprise, got a tent. It started just with jewelry, your earrings and pendants and some keychains. Now I have incorporated these images into little art plaques and paintings. Some of them contain a bit of my sense of humor. The photos of the 40's and 50's were strange, no doubt about it. They have crazy ads in the magazines of those days and looking at most of them will bring a little confused chuckle to anyone who sees them, so why not bring that humor to the jewelry and art. My process is not genius. The dark wood looks nice as a backdrop for the old photos. Some of the jewelry pieces incorporate other textures like leather and I hope to find even more ways to expand my ideas.I have no deep thoughts on my process or motivation. I am not inspired by the wind or black holes. I see a weird picture and I think of something that this person/animal would NEVER think of and I put them together. I add a little bit of paint and my wish is that it makes someone giggle. You can see some more of my stuff at

Friday, March 20, 2009

More artists and events for the 'dAP!

One week from today is our event at The Crofoot in Pontiac!
This is so exciting!
Jeremy and Aimee will be at the Russell's Open Studio's hanging out with SLAW, Mark Arminski, Audrey Pongracz and Robert Stewart on Saturday night. We'll be hanging out with artists and promoting our event March 27th! Also be sure to swing by River's Edge Gallery tonight for the Opening for Audrey Pongracz, Tim Pewe and the new exhibit (E6 Emerging + Experience) in the Patricia Izzo Fine Art Photography Gallery.

Jeremy E. Hansen is not only a promoter of the arts and gallery director, he's also an artist and is in the new show at Cass Cafe in Detroit, Targets and Trajectories! Check it out for sure!

Without further delay the newest artist we are looking to highlight is Bethany Nixon, Reware Vintage. Nixon works on the council for Handmade Detroit and is a hard core crafter!Bethany Nixon of makes a wide variety of reconstructed crafts from vintage materials, but is most known for (and especially enjoys upsetting record collectors by) cutting up vinyl and using it in her record notebooks and earrings. She also uses vintage materials and found objects to make one of a kind jewelry, pouches, and purses. Check out her Rewares at

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day and more artists

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone and please drive safe!

This week is going to be huge for Audrey Pongracz not only is her new series "Birdless" going to be highlighted in an opening at River's Edge Gallery she is also going be at the Russell Industrial Open Studios Event all weekend! Audrey was one of our first artists to be featured in the 'dAP two years ago. We feel so fortunate to have her with us!

Audrey will be the first artist to design a t-shirt for the 'dAP. There will be three t-shirts available for purchase at the summer festival during the Wyandotte Street Art Fair (July 8th-11th)!

I have another fundraiser artist to highlight, Tony Roko.

Here's a blurb about Roko from his website

"Self taught, and never having any direct influences from what art historians and scholars would consider “High Art”, Tony has always been fascinated with the readily accessible art of American pop culture. Comics and animation such as Fat Albert, Mad Magazine, and Loony Tunes have been some of Tony's earliest artistic influences. Also impacting Tony from an early age were various Urban Artists, such as Ernie Barns (the world renowned artist from "Good Times") and credits more recent inspiration to William H. Johnson (African-American Painter of the Harlem Renaissance). Today, Tony is fast becoming one of the Motor City's most sought after and emerging artists. His work can be found at some of Detroit's premiere exhibitions and most influential galleries. "

We are super excited to feature Roko, he is the first local artist to be featured at Lotus Gallery of Plymouth and gets high remarks from some of the most critical art patrons in Detroit. Roko will feature his newest group of paintings called "Gesture Paintings" at the Fundraiser.

Also Roko will soon be showing in the River's Edge Gallery of Wyandotte!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fundraiser Artists and other art happenings!

The event that we're putting on at The Crofoot on March 27th is getting closer and closer. And our artists are really getting antsy to show their work! Here is another preview!
Beth Amber is a woman of many talents: film maker (Amber Villain Films), Rock & Rummage Organizer, art show curator of The Belmont and budding fine artist! Here is a statement from Beth Amber about her work, "Lately I have been inspired by film and music. My work has been directly affected by the knowledge I have acquired within these mediums. Being an independent film maker has allowed me access on a more personal level, which my work has definitely been affected by.
The paintings I am bringing will be Fair Weathered 2009 my newest piece inspired by the movie fur and Gray Matter 2008 inspired by the movie Gray Gardens. I am also bring some of my signature pieces including Drip Girl, created in 1998 after a complete makeover in my personal situation.As far as the photography side goes, I will be including my Art of Violence series which I have been developing since 2002. It is the series of work that reflects my personal views on society and there willingness to accept violent situations in a very lightly matter. I wanted to show in this series the possibilities that the darkest moments of life, there is light and art.I have also been working on a journal series of 60's pin up and classic horror collage. These series has brought my work in a full circle and has taken me to many different levels."
Talking Squid, Taryn Boyd, has a mantra of "Stylishly Recycling T-Shirts Since 2006."

All of my work is made from 100% recycled t-shirts. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of my material and transforming into new and modern products. I am most known for my designer recycled t-shirt rugs which are soft, luxurious, modern, and eco-friendly with a sleek and urban design. I also make tote bags, clutches, headbands, and pet accessories. You can view more of my work @

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More artist images and artist updates!

If you don't know already we are hosting an art music event at The Crofoot (Pike Room) on March 27th. Many of our artists have submitted some more images of their work.

Here are some little previews of what to expect from our artists!

Glass Action! aka Carey Gustafson works tirelessly with Handmade Detroit and of course on her unique glass creations. She is well known for her rock star nightlights check her out on

Kevin Beehner

Kevin specializes in pen and ink drawings and painting. He shows his work in River's Edge Gallery in Wyandotte and will also be in the 'dAP part of the Wyandotte Street Art Fair!

Bea Jacobs creates jewelry through chainmaille, wire wrapping, and knit and crochet with fine wire.

You can catch more information about her work at

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Poster for the Fundraiser

This is the beautiful poster created for the Fundraiser by Alix.

Thanks so much!

I am so impressed by it!

Also part of the show but not listed are Glass Action,

Lish Dorset and Reware Vintage!

Save the date!

March 27th!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fundraiser at The Crofoot in Pontiac, March 27th!

WHERE: PIKE ROOM AT THE CROFOOT 1 South Saginaw Pontiac,
WHEN: MARCH 27th Doors open 8PM-11PM, Tickets $10 at the Door, $8 in advance at or CONTACT: AIMEE RODRIGUEZ 313 676 0550, WYTOWNFEST@YAHOO.COM The ‘dotte Arts Project hosts a show of emerging artists and musicians to help raise money March 27th at The Crofoot in Pontiac. The ‘dotte Arts Project is hosting a fundraiser at The Crofoot in Pontiac on March 27th 8pm-11pm. The ‘dotte Arts Project, the ‘dAP, is looking to raise funds for the summer festival and the general running of the project throughout the year. The purpose of the ‘dAP is to promote emerging artists whenever possible. “If it’s through our summer festival with the Wyandotte Street Art Fair or if it’s through smaller art shows like this fundraiser,” says co-chair Aimee Rodriguez, “ we want to give newer artists every chance possible to encourage them into continuing creating. The ultimate goal being the connection between the artist and the buyer, that connection is where the magic is created. Nothing motivates an artist more than for some stranger to purchase their work.” The Crofoot has numerous artists and musician opportunities throughout the year. It's an extremely artsy venue which makes it the perfect backdrop for the 'dotte Arts Project fundraiser. They have art shows and one of their nights each week, Phonotropic, focuses on showcases some of the area’s best musicians. “One of our goals at the Crofoot is to connect musicians and artists from around the country, and specifically Metro Detroit. Working with ‘DAP is a great partnership, because we bring downriver artists to Pontiac and vice versa. We are very pleased with our collaboration,” Dan McGowan, the Crofoot. The fundraiser is going to feature 17 artists who are in different stages of their art endeavors including some who this is the first event of this kind that they are doing and some who do this often and are seasoned at it. The list includes Audrey Pongracz who has been with the ‘dAP since its inception two years ago; DeEtta a painter and jeweler; Shionne Designs jewelry design; Kevin Beehner a painter; Talking Squid a crafter; Roko a painter; Jennifer Proescher a crafter and jeweler; Beth Amber a painter and photographer; Terry Walsh a painting and crafter, Patricia Goodell and HFCC Pottery group; Rudy Salazar III a painter; Mike Wood a photographer; Norma Nothings Painting and Jewelry; Bea Jacobs jewelry; Glass Action; Reware Vintage; Lish Dorset and more … The music lineup is going to have a more old timey feel with indie blue grass bands Misty Lyn & The Big Beautiful, Frontier Ruckus and Tone & Niche. DJ Bouget will be spinning between the sets. The fundraiser for the 'dotte Arts Project is happening March 27th at The Crofoot in the Pike Room, doors open at 8pm. "We are so excited about this event," says Rodriguez, "because it’s a chance for us to extend our reach and help out more artists."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now accepting applications for 09 Wyandotte Street Art Fair

The 'dAP is now accepting applications for the Wyandotte Street Art Fair. You can pick up an application for the emerging artists portion of the art fair hosted by the 'dAP after February 9th. You can email us either through here or through our posted email address for an online application. We will send one to you as soon as they are available.
We are looking for emerging artists of all kinds including painters, photographers, crafters, sculptors and jewelry makers.
This is an emerging artists section so please only apply if you are an emerging artist. This means that you have NOT consistently shown in art fairs for years.
We host not only an emerging artists section but we also host a music stage that hosts a myriad of music tastes. Many of our artists in the past have been dubbed Artist of the Year by Real Detroit.
Inquire with questions and we will answer them the best we can.
Rock it down!
Aimee & Jeremy
co-chairs of the 'dotte Arts Project