Friday, May 8, 2009

Deadline Extension and Festival News!

The deadline for artist application has come and gone but we are still allowing artists to apply. The location for the summer festival (July 8th-11th) is going to be on the old theatre lot this year between Oak and Elm and on First Street. We have just about filled up our big tents but have tons of room to take up the huge lot.
We have some really great things cooking up to help the festival be as awesome as possible. This year the music absolutely rules so far we have confirmed The Scarlet Oaks, Silver Ghost, milieu, Charlene Kaye and Frontier Ruckus! We're awaiting the arrival of other contracts and once those come in I'll let all of you know. One thing I can say for sure is that these line ups are not to be missed!
Our t-shirt this year won't be just the 'dAP logo but an artist design by an artist handpicked by Jeremy and Aimee. Our choice for the first artist to design the shirt is Audrey Pongracz! Pongracz was recently in the cover story of the Metrotimes that honored their pics for one of six artists to watch under 30 years old! YAY Audrey. We are really excited to get her back every year, she's been with us since the beginning! So it's only fitting that she be the first artist featured.
I'll post pics of the designs once I get them!
More updates to come!

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