Monday, July 27, 2009

Post festival wrap up, 'dAP 3rd Annual Summer Festival!

So what happened exactly?!
This year’s ‘dotte Arts Project Third Annual Summer Festival was well received by artists, musicians and patrons alike. Four days of fun in the sun on the old theatre lot on First and Elm.
“This was the first year at this location,” says Aimee Rodriguez, co-chair of the ‘dAP, “which always creates new strengths and weaknesses in the layout. Overall we felt as though our visibility with the main fair was much better this year. "

To start with right on the corner there was a huge 15 foot tall sculpture by Mark Bommarito made of gas station signs which shouted to passersby, "We're here!" The sculpture was a welded, contemporary art sculpture crowned by a pump nozzle that tempted fate and defied destruction when an apocolyptic thunderstorm hit on Saturday morning.
Throughout the week there was live painting by Jeremy E. Hansen, he started his mural Wednesday night and continued through the rest of the festival inviting artists and patrons alike to partake in it’s creation.
Dennis Jacobs was on site on Friday and Saturday showing his skills of collage and stencil painting. On Friday he painting a huge mural which took the entire day but drew crowds of people to enjoy and learn the way he makes his paintings.
There was a full schedule of music with a last minute change on Friday from Manna & Quail to The Silent Years. This was the first time The Silent Years played for Downriver and they were well received by young and old alike. The Silent Years finished off the set with sparklers, super fantastical! Charlie Slick tossed the glitter & bubbles and spread the love of Wyandotte and Michigan on the ole theatre lot!

Dan Miller showed off not only his fine dressing ability but his cool calm country crooner skills on Saturday night to close out the show with almost all the members of Blanche. “People came up to me throughout the entire set asking me how we got them and I referred to The Crofoot but also to Dan Miller’s desire to support the arts and emerging arts.” What an honor!
All of the power for the stage was provided by the sun and wind via a truck with solar panels and wind turbine from Cresit Energy of Wyandotte.
The grass lot was full with over 30 artists selling their wares with everything including painting, pottery, jewelry, mixed media and more.
BMX Stunt Show featured at first only a handful of stunt riders but as the show and the weekend progressed more of Ron Thomas’s friends joined him to join the cause of raising money and awareness of the scholarship that Rise Above Entertainment is offering BMXers and Skateboarders, the first of it’s kind anywhere. People came from all over to see these guys do some amazing things!
The Roosevelt High School Art Club were throwing paint at t-shirts to raise funds for their program. The shirts were provided by .
We had such a great time and hope to spread the joy and art of the ‘dotte Arts Project for years to come!!!!!!!!!

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